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New online store Les Chaussons de La Belle ® by Giuliana Venerosi Pesciolin

Les Chaussons de La Belle ® | About Giuliana

Les Chaussons de La Belle ® by Giuliana Venerosi Pesciolini. Handmade in Italy by Lanzoni & B ®


Giuliana Venerosi Pesciolini

Via San Leonardo - "I belong to the winding cypress lined roads, to the old weathered stones of Toscana..."

About Giuliana


My family’s first recorded ancestor was Nambrot, a Frank warrior who followed Charlemagne in his battles through Europe, and was given the title of Count Palatine by his Emperor in 806. From then on men have been warriors, crusaders, knights of Malta, ruthless diplomats at the Spanish, French and Florentine courts, delightful eccentrics, fascinating ( of course ) dilapidators, severe soldiers with a strong sense of honour and deep roots in their land: the breathtakingly beautiful countryside and towns of Toscana. I belong to those vineyards and olive trees, to the winding cypress lined roads, to the old weathered stones. And the ladies? We have been their mothers, their wives, their daughters … stories of lives, loves (and some “liaisons dangereuses”) lost in the tumultuous flow of time. We have our fairy too! Mélusine holds our coat of arms with allure, a fish tail, large wings and an amazing ‘60s hairstyle. She is Scot, French by marriage to Raymond de Lusignan. It was a coup de foudre.

Giuliana with uncle Giovanni Battista in GhizzanoMy father was Count Francesco Venerosi Pesciolini, a war pilot and an aeronautical engineer, a strong, hardworking, impossibly handsome man. My mother, born in Fiume, passionately felt about her Venetian roots, and was a cultured, highly independent, terribly amusing woman with the widest horizons. She introduced me to music, books, dance.

I love Verona, where I was born. I adore the perfect, essential beauty (no concessions) of Florence and Pisa, the sensuality of Venice, the old palaces of Palma with their secluded gardens and tall weaving palm trees, the light and culture of the Mediterranean, London and all things English ( Mrs. Caruel precious legacy at the Italian school in Madrid, actually an original place to learn English and how to serve tea). I love “l’air de Paris” and everything it winds up, the open positive energy of New York and of course Madrid. I keep coming back to live here from when I was two!

After a doctorate in International Politics and Sociology at Florence University ( my father advised it saying I will then be able to read the papers, and Sociology actually helps one to understand the sometimes bizarre world of fashion … and its marketing foundations). I worked for international fashion companies as product and marketing manager and then founded Les Chaussons de la Belle following two of my passions: the Eighteenth Century sensuous charme and … shoes!

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