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New online store Les Chaussons de La Belle ® by Giuliana Venerosi Pesciolin

Les Chaussons de La Belle ® | About us

Les Chaussons de La Belle ® by Giuliana Venerosi Pesciolini. Handmade in Italy by Lanzoni & B ®


About us


About us

About us

L ES CHAUSSONS DE LA BELLE is a superb, outrageously refined collection of Italian handmade shoes and bags, inspired by the highly polished, exquisite aesthetics of the fascinating Eighteenth Century aristocratic belles who charm us from the paintings and drawings of those sensual, tumultuous and deliciously libertine times. The idea is an elegant, timeless collection of fabulously defiant objets de désir with a flamboyant, independent personality that goes audaciously beyond trends: a sleek, seductive low heel style, an irresistible high heel one, boots and booties adorned with our bows or with Diana the Huntress feathers … think unforgettable legs! There is too a delightful jewel of a bag to hold in your hand like a lily, very aptly named “L’Insolente”.

They are made in forty gorgeous fabrics: moirés in the colours of rubies, agates, turquoises, delicate Sèvres porcelains, spices, stormy clouds and forests, wildly enticing jaguar and zebra prints, cotton jacquards and romantic roses, lavish laces and now all the splendour of a legendary tradition weaved with the sensuous light of Venice in the iridescent stripes and sumptuous silk brocades by Rubelli.

Each style has a name: La Caresse de l’Aube, Orage, La Belle des Savanes … Why resist? For orchidaceous ladies, modern jeunes filles en fleurs, enigmatic temptresses, radiant brides, tuberose-scented beauties and impossibly stylish marquises …

The way a woman walks makes all the difference! Just imagine the sensuous allure of a mesmerizing feline or a breathtakingly beautiful forest goddess … Beauty and comfort are both essential. These shoes and boots have perfect lasts and all the lightness and impeccable quality of the best Italian handicraft tradition we are so proud of.

The point is feeling beautiful from dawn ... to dawn. Ladies, how do we want to be remembered? Think sliding with delicious ease into these Watteau-esque boudoir shoes wearing a lacy whisper of nothing … A private, awfully chic elegance. You then wear Les Chaussons de la Belle shoes, boots and bags with jeans, with your favourite LBD, to glamorous Park Avenue cocktail parties, to a wedding in Tuscany, to a magic ball and to dance the night away, light like champagne … And for dinner à deux, of course! Yes, men love them.

LES CHAUSSONS DE LA BELLE is produced by LANZONI & B, a very prestigious Italian company with a great international experience and impeccable craftsmanship.

All our selling points are rare temples of unspoiled beauty and magnificent quality in a real “parcous d’initiés” for sophisticated enthusiasts in adventurous, underexposed shopping experiences … La joie de vivre!


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